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Conscious Breathing

Connect with the subtle dimension through breathing

Breathing is a master key that we wear, as important as when we are born we take our first inhalation and when we transcend, we release our last exhalation. A key to give strength to life and also to access dimensions beyond what is visible. In this experiential workshop we will understand and practice how we can use our breathing to create altered states of consciousness, which allow us not only to transform traumas trapped in our subconscious, but also to connect with our inner wisdom, with our intuition, our inner healer... and thus allow all our dimensions to harmonize, leading us to raise our energy vibration to the frequency of peace, joy and love.

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After 14 years of a professional career dedicated to working for different organizations, she decided in 2009 to embark on the exciting world of personal and spiritual growth. After much deep dedication and large doses of resilience, patience and perseverance, she has achieved over the years, a backpack full of learning and personal experience, which have led her to what for her is freedom: a "today" in which You can dedicate yourself to what you are really passionate about and what makes you vibrate. Currently, after many years of training and experience, he is dedicated to accompanying people in the transformation and re-evolution of their lives, through Continuous Conscious Hypno-Breathing and Channeling. It has accompanied more than 15,000 people to discover their purpose, know their vital map, manage toxic patterns, transform their relationships, fears, obstacles, improve their health, their professional career, their quality of life, their spiritual connection... in the last 12 years, through personal sessions, books, training and conferences. They say that one of their strengths (which is also part of their mission) is making the difficult easy, "bringing heaven down to earth" and helping to transform what is apparently an obstacle into an opportunity to advance and grow. So something that may seem as "intangible" and complex as conscious hypno-breathing, the connection with spiritual guides, evolutionary astrology, shamanism... insists that it be useful for all audiences and applicable to everyday life. The freedom of being, harmony and fullness of life, is not an honorary title, a thing of "some", nor an award for merits, you deserve to be happy!


Nacho Muñoz is the CEO and co-founder of Olsanamind and the IRC (Institute of Conscious Breathing), a Global School of Transformation whose objective is to help people to recover  their right to have everything in the life. In its eight years of life, more than two hundred thousand students have passed  through it. Muñoz is also the creator of the Co-Creation Code and the Conscious Breathing Master, programs with los  that help other people committed to their emotional and spiritual evolution to transform their lives.


But Nacho Muñoz has not always been a successful entrepreneur.  Until he got here he has failed in several businesses -one of them, investing in  Stock Market, generated a debt of 50,000 euros- he has worked for someone else's account  in more companies than he himself can remember and was a police officer in  Madrid before deciding to undertake.


All these work experiences make Nacho Muñoz a close entrepreneur who is perfectly aware of the obstacles that se  face every day for people who want to transform their lives.


International speaker and trainer, Nacho, is also the author  of the bestsellers "Naked Marketing", "Coaching for Newbies", "Subconscious Abundance", "Mindset Hacking" and "Psychedelic Spirituality"


In recent months, he has mentored and trained nearly a thousand students to abandon their fears and live their dreams thanks to  the Continuous Conscious Breathing methodology.



Health money and love


What Is Coaching For Newbies

* You can only access the purchase of the workshops by obtaining Tickets for the Congress. Workshops only for Congress attendees.
* All workshops have a very limited capacity and will have to be reserved with a minimum of 30 days prior to the Congress. Subject to availability.
* This program may be subject to last minute changes due to the agendas of the speakers and external reasons outside the organization.
* All possible changes will be notified to all our users and buyers, via mail and RRSS.

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