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Andy Thomas


& Best Seller Writer



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Andy Thomas

Researcher & Best Seller Writer

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Crop Circles and UAP 
Will UAP outreach help people rediscover crop circles?

Andy Thomas has been a leading researcher of crop circles and other mysteries for more than three decades. Although the mainstream media has dismissed the circles as all the work of human artists, the truth is that many of these incredible patterns still cannot be explained in that way.


Andy explores why this is so and shows that interest in the phenomenon is growing again in new generations, partly due to the recent publicity given to the UAP/UFO revelations by the US military and the special congressional hearings held in 2023.



With strange lights and other aerial images. objects witnessed by the public (and Andy personally) on numerous occasions over crop circles over the years, the renewed interest in UAPs is rightly helping people to re-evaluate these controversial but beautiful shapes in the fields, which still appear today.

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Andy Thomas is one of the UK’s best-known researchers into conspiracies, unexplained mysteries, and cover-ups, and is the author of many books, including The New Heretics, Conspiracies: The Facts – The Theories – The Evidence, and The Truth Agenda.


Andy’s renowned guide to crop circles, Vital Signs, was nominated for Kindred Spirit magazine’s Best Book award. He also writes on mainstream history and folklore and is well known for his book Christmas: A Short History from Solstice to Santa. 


Andy has given thousands of lectures in Britain and worldwide over three decades. He is one of the organizers of the Glastonbury Symposium conference, the longest-running annual alternative event in the UK, which began in 1990. 

Andy has made numerous radio and TV appearances over the years. Mainstream spots have included programs for the BBC, NBC, The History Channel, and The National Geographic Channel, and he writes regularly for Nexus Magazine.

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