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Iris Rainbow Eagle

Spiritual Healer



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Iris Rainbow

Spiritual Healer


Iris Rainbow Eagle is a Spiritual Healer, Shaman, Storyteller, Mum and works in a very intuitive, clairsentient, always individual way. Her teaching is a consciousness technology, not a precise technique, so through the fact that it is a technology, this opens up limitless ways to bring healing to a person or a group.  What she talks about puts together all her skills and knowledge out of over 20 years experience. She combines all her education (Spiritual Healer, Shaman with Siberian Tradition, Shamanic Trauma Healing, Shamanic Eagle Healer, Mentaltrainer, Shamballa Reiki, Matrix Energetics Practitioner, working in the Quantum Healing Field plus just being a Mum of three awesome kids) with her Clairvoyant and Clairsentient skills that she has since childhood.


The combination of all her skills led her to the development of a program as a speaker that indeed combines all her knowledge into some kind of fairytale. It's a kind of different way to teach her audience, because she teaches them skills not in the classical way, but more like a storyteller. Her intention is to reach people's hearts, raise their vibrations and teach them on a more subconscious level, but in a very successful and fun way. People love it.


Her overall motto of all her teachings and work is "All is a journey to oneself" and everything she offers (workshops, speaking, one to one sessions, teachings) is based on that. Iris Rainbow takes her audience deeply within themselves, into their heart space and offers them highly spiritual knowledge in a way that is easy to comprehend although it is very scientific.  But the goal in all her work is to put very scientific knowledge, very deep spiritual knowledge and skills into a teaching that is easily accessible, easily understood and directly practically used by everyone. She does this, first for self healing and secondly for  healing others too. People love it.

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