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Nora Rodríguez

Angelic Channeler





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Nora Rodríguez

Angelic Channeler


Conference "The sky has a voice"

It is a conference to help people to understand and get closer to the spiritual world, from my experience as a medium and channeler of angels.



To help them understand that Angels and Archangels are in our lives on a daily basis, and that loved ones need to be heard, and we can also help them from this earthly side, as long as we understand a little more about the spiritual plane. 

1.30 h



I have been working for 15 years to help others, with personalized consultations, in a local in my city, and also by video call and telephone. I give workshops, courses and conferences, my work consists of helping and teaching people in any type of problem or situation, through the Angels, being a medium, listening, feeling, seeing and channeling, are gifts that I have them as a child and that life gave me, although it cost me a lot to accept, why me, and once I understood that God does not choose prepared people if not that prepares the chosen for this mission, I flowed ... I developed them much more and I dedicated myself fully to them, fulfilling my purpose in life. Being able to communicate with the angels of each person who comes to my office, is a very nice experience, throughout my experience loved ones have helped me understand that they can have a voice and express themselves through people like me, everything has its good and regular side, like roses and their thorns, the nice thing is to understand that we are just simple people, with extraordinary gifts, of which everyone has theirs, you just have to find out. 


 Referring to my work, I was collaborating 5 years in a local magazine, writing articles about the spiritual world, I also collaborated in a radio of my local 4 years, the program was called: an appointment with the angels, and consisted of talking about the angels, loved ones, and a little angelic tarot, etc.. I have participated in some conferences, in associations such as the one in Malaga, to help stroke patients. I also channel through the tarot, but mostly those that I have myself because at the beginning I did them with the help of angels, and spiritual. I participated in a tv program.

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