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Pier Giorgio Caria - Pier Giorgio Caria

Pier Giorgio Caria

Researcher & Writer



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Pier Giorgio Caria

Ufologist & Scientific Researcher

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From the "Amicizia" (Friendship) Case to the Pentagon disclosure. 
Past, present and future of the Extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

From the late 1950s to the late 1970s, a case of mass contact between terrestrials and extraterrestrials occurred in Italy, which was kept secret until the early 2000s. Thanks to the testimony of the Italian engineer Stefano Breccia, this extraordinary event became public, attracting the interest of researchers. From the investigation emerged very important information provided by the extraterrestrials together with photographic documents and UFO footage taken in Italy in those years. The number of people involved exceeded 100 and came from almost all walks of life: from simple employees to high-ranking scientists and military personnel. 

In addition to Eng. Breccia, other protagonists of the case came to light giving their testimony, among them Gaspare De Lama, who was the author of several photos and films that at the time were made public but without revealing the existence of the contact case. This incident adds to the numerous cases of encounters between humans and extraterrestrials already known, which puts humanity and power in a dilemma as to how to handle this presence that is increasingly pressing to manifest itself to the world. So far, the policies of concealment and denial of military and political power have been successful, but an increasing number of people are becoming aware of this reality, which is becoming more and more difficult to conceal. Into this scenario fits the "Disclosure" initiated by the Pentagon in 2017, the direction in which it is moving seems uncertain despite the shocking revelations of former intelligence agent David Grusch and his testimony to the US Congress in 2023, which confirmed what many researchers had already realised: the US government possesses and has been hiding for decades alien spacecraft and bodies of extraterrestrials recovered in "crashes". 

Added to this are the two federal laws signed by President Biden to regulate research and disclosure on the presence of extraterrestrial aerial vehicles, now redefined as UAP. What does the future hold? Will both programmes, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, find common ground? These are important questions that we need to try to answer so that we too can be conscious participants in one of the most extraordinary processes in human history.

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Belonging to the latest batch of researchers and reporters focused on the world of parasciences that emerged in the early 1990s in Spain, he identifies with the first generations of researchers who dedicated themselves to clarifying the UFO phenomenon.


He has published more than 500 articles and research news on UFOs, cryptozoology, archeology, and other heterodox-related issues. He is a contributor to the international publication Enigmas founded by Fernando Jiménez del Oso, Año/Cero, Más allá de la Ciencia, and other specialized written media. He actively participated in the newspaper dedicated entirely to mystery called Enigmas Express. He also collaborates in El Ojo Critico, a specialized magazine dedicated to paranormal frauds, directed by researcher Manuel Carballal.


From 1993 to 2004 he collaborated in the UFO section of the Investigación magazine directed and edited by Francisco Cabrera and Pilar Galvin. In this media, he has published and developed works dedicated to clarifying UFO phenomenology, highlighting his work as a UFO thinker. His Ovnis. Auge, caída y transformación de un mito moderno essay stands out. In the ufological field, he focused his interest on the wave of aircraft of 1896-1897, which led him to compile and publish several works dedicated entirely to said event, as well as to publish in 2023 his work Los Ovnis de Julio Verne. ¿Máquinas de otros mundos en el siglo xix? in which this historical phenomenon is contextualized along with the work of Julio Verne. He has also edited a monograph dedicated to the Chupacabras (Chupacabras. Análisis de una leyenda contemporánea. Investigación Magazine, 1998). Likewise, he is the author of an investigation on the Stones of Ica where he demonstrates their falsehood, he also wrote a piece alluding to the topic called Ica. La increíble historia de un pasado que nunca existió (2020).


A regular contributor to radio talk shows, he has participated in different congresses and conferences on UFOs, highlighting his participation in the three National Congresses of Mystery Journalism held in Malaga.

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