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Robert Fleischer is a journalist, moderator and documentary filmmaker. He has worked for several German public television channels and writes articles for German and international magazines. He founded Exopolitic Germany in 2007 and published in 2013, an online TV magazine for open-minded people. It not only covers UFOs and the paranormal, but also a wide range of topics such as politics, future science, and consciousness research. His work has been the subject of important television broadcasts, radio and press articles. He has a degree in conference interpreting in French and Spanish and has given conferences in several European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.


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Investigative journalist on anomalous issues and integrative health. Creator of the "ocultural talks" in the Abraxas room in Barcelona. Carmen is a correspondent for the EFE agency, Balearic newspapers, last minute, "space and time" magazine, etc. 

Promoter of congresses, radio and television programs.

She has collaborated with researchers such as: Fernando Jiménez del Oso, Luis José Grifol, Carole Ramis, Andrea Faber Kaiser, JJ. Benitez, Antonio Ribera, Sebastià D´Arbó, José Mª Casas Huguet, etc. 

She was a presenter at TUWC 2020, co-hosted in 2021 and 2022

One of the 5 most important ufologists and researchers of phenomena in the world.

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