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Roberto Pinotti

Investigative journalist & writer



Roberto Pinotti

Investigative journalist & writer



Roberto Pinotti, sociologist and science journalist, has worked internationally as an aerospace researcher and consultant for SETI, the radio-astronomical centre for extraterrestrial intelligence research. He collaborates with various journalistic and television media, also as an expert on UFOs and unusual phenomena.

He is the author of encyclopaedic works in Italy, Spain and the USA and of several best sellers on the subject of UFOs and aliens.

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Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon

The Camino de Santiago, fundamental to Christianity, attracts people from all over the world. Roberto Pinotti offers an alternative vision in his novel, mixing thriller, history and speculation about the symbolism of the Camino, the megalithic constructions, the cathedrals and the Templar enigmas, connecting them with ufology. This work is the first in the Fictio publishing line, which uses fiction to explore these themes.


UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle

Roberto Pinotti explores the historical and scientific reality of Atlantis, confronting different sources and disciplines, proposing that an advanced antediluvian civilisation, destroyed by a cataclysm, could have extraterrestrial origins. The essay suggests that humanity already lived its most evolved future in the distant past.


UFOs and the Vatican. The Church and extraterrestrial life (Oscar New Mysteries)

Interest in UFOs and aliens is growing, and public opinion suspects the authorities of hiding the truth in order to maintain the status quo. The Church, unlike politicians, has begun to prepare the faithful for this reality since the 1950s. This book documents how the Church could reconcile its traditional teachings with modern science and the existence of extraterrestrial intelligences.

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