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Romina Thieben

Founder of BEYOND 5D



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Romina Thieben

Founder of BEYOND 5D

Workshop plus

From ufos to dNA evolution - The human code for a new era of synarchy in leadership and Interstellar trade

In this conference I will unravel the secrets of the Law of One across timelines and grasp the concept of universal love transcending planetary boundaries. I explain the issues of the core wound and its impact on humanity's shared destiny. As well as the concepts of exploration and contemplation, we'll refine our understanding of universal wounds, tap into collective resources, and harness the potential of human communication and emotion for manifestation and transcendence.


You'll gain insights into the Anunnaki, Greys, and Reptilians' roles in human consciousness, navigating polarity on Earth, and envisioning a new cosmic race beyond the confines of the Monarch Matrix. From that i am showing energy optimization strategies for human advancement - an approach to embrace synarchic principles over traditional hierarchies, understanding the origins and implications of humanity's core wounds. 


Step into a new era of intergalactic cooperation, where unity and harmony pave the path to cosmic evolution. This is your opportunity to transcend your life concept  and inner & outer leadership to a higher version of balanced co.creation.

1.20 h


Romina Thieben is Coach and Business Consultant for personal and spiritual transformation processes on the way back to the heart. She initiates change from the subconscious origin of the cell memory on 5 communication levels, sets new inner standards from a frequency of unlimited potential and accompanies the integration into the relevant areas of life.


She combines quantum laws, spiritual views into the extra dimension with alchemy and her experience in the corporate world, especially for people who are reorienting themselves to a successful authentic life outside of society standards.

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