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We present The Ufology World Congress 2023, the VII edition of the international congress of Ufology, the most important congress

in Europe that will be held in Barcelona -Spain and will bring together specialists and experts

of all the world. The congress will take place

in the city of Barcelona, ​​on the 22, 23 and September 24, 2023.

Our annual international congress has been held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, since 2016.

Our congress, the most important in Europe and No. 1 in the Spanish-speaking world, is a multidisciplinary event that, in previous editions, attracted more than 60,000 participants from all over the world, exposing not only UFO themes from different perspectives, but also the probabilities of extraterrestrial life.

Last year 2019 our guest of honor was Dr. Michio Kaku, and it was a complete success.

In 2021, for our V edition, the event was held again in Barcelona, ​​at the luxurious Hotel Novotel Barcelona City**** and we had special guests such as Dr. Abraham Loeb, director of the Harvard Astronomy Department, the French scientist Philippe Ailleris, an expert from the Center for Space Research and Technology of the European Space Agency (ESA), the renowned French astronomer Jacques Vallé, the scientist Lachezar Filipop, a former member of the SETI commission who had the privilege of sharing work hand in hand with Carl Sagan. , the famous German researcher and journalist Robert Fleischer, the Chilean ufologist Rodrigo Fuenzalida, the Doctor of Astronomy Eamon Ansbro, were also present among our main speakers, journalists such as Paola Harris from the United States, various researchers and renowned former intelligence agents from Europe.

Our VI edition of the congress took place on September 9, 10 and 11, 2022 at the convention center of the Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza.****. This year our star guest will be Christopher Mellon.


The congress will be held in both Spanish and English. Attendees will have

the option to listen to the translation






If you wish, you can complete the press form, inform the medium, country and details of the person to be accredited.

The automatic email response does not imply immediate acceptance. We will contact you after a prior evaluation.

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