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Michael König Breuss

Energy Healer





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Michael König Breuss

Energy Healer


Manipulation of humanity through extraterrestrial technology. Healing through SOUL LANGUAGE as salvation.
Aliens can support or destroy humanity. SMART Phones, 5G, nanotechnology, transhumanism are the road to hell. Divine frequency, soul language, consciousness and self-empowerment elevate to the divine.

What inevitable nastiness is possible from the “bad” aliens and how can we humans solve these problems together with the “good” aliens. From a little black “nano-chip” in the throat/neck of a Covid-tested customer, to nano-robots in vaccinated humans. And houses where alien creatures were in the fuse box, coming out of SMART phones and WIFI's and driving everyone crazy.


The negative effects: Depression, aggression, pointlessness, aimlessness, headache, migraine, unexplained pain, poor sleep, restless, nervous, easily irritable, strange energys, that blocks your peace & "forward" movement SOLUTIONS where the dark, demonic, alien was taken out and removed and nano-chips, pain and alien energies dissolve into “light” after PCR tests and vaccinations.


People felt BIGGER, FREER, LIGHTER, BRIGHTER. The workshop includes theory and stories about this kind of my work and at the end a SOUL-LANGUAGE cleansing meditation. 

1.20 h



I come from Austria, the “Sound of Music Land”. After a life as a spiritual ski guide & tour guide, I started as an energetic therapist - healer in 2006. My grandfather was already a healer for over 40 years. I specialize in clearing - freeing the energy field from KARMA & foreign energy (old death experiences, fears, curses, black magic, demons...) Another specialty is the clearing of extraterrestrial influences such as alien implants and antennas IN humans. Since SMART technology & 5G I also clear houses from manipulation by alien beings when SMART meters are installed or when these beings come from SMART phones and Wifi's. Since the beginning of the COVID plan demie,


I have realized the ability to significantly erase and destroy COVID vaccination and COVID test “side effects”. I can “see” nano-chips and nano-bots in vaccinated people and feel them when they touch me. At best, I have been able to eliminate all of this through SOUL LANGUAGE energy work! I am also a teacher of SOUL LANGUAGE - LIGHT LANGUAGE - SPEAKING IN TONGUES, probably the oldest frequency healing technique on planet earth!

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