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These artists will be exhibiting their works on the days of the congress in our Art & Market 


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There is a fact from my childhood, around the age of three, that I have engraved in my memory like a talisman of power. It's the recognition, approval, and praise I felt from my parents when they saw some drawings I made. We were at the park, and I started drawing peacefully with two pens, one red and one blue. I intermingled figures with both colors, just like I do now, uniting polarity, thus finding my center and balance amid constant movement and change.

What I paint is a response to an impulse, a calling, a shout, and an inner whisper. It's my impulse for Life, for expanding the Heart, for breaking through my limits, fears, and unconsciousness. An impulse to communicate, to create beauty, to find my balance, my place. To evolve and renew myself.



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My synesthetic talents now allow me to translate my vision of life into what is ideal for me, through my holistic and alchemical creations, which are recognized as precious keys for many people on the path of awakening: paintings, oracles, and heart essences.

Touches of the heart, to sow the rediscovered energy of life, are what drive me forward.

From a wounded, undervalued, and silenced girl, I am now a woman artist who awakens hearts and initiates Life through works, with integrity and without restrictions. So that every person who is ready to Be, truly achieves it, with total freedom and using their own resources.


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