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Luis Fernando Mostajo

Best Selling Author 

& Member of the

White Brotherhood




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Luis Fernando Mostajo

Main Speaker
Bestselling Author & Member of the White Brotherhood


Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens was born in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia on January 20, 1964. He studied Architecture and specialized in Restoration Techniques of Antiques and Works of Art. He is currently the manager of the construction company he owns: Mostajo Maertens Arquitectura y Construcción.


He has participated in contact experiences with extraterrestrial beings since 1977, which has led him to share preparation and interiorization courses in several countries in Europe and Latin America.


Author of 5 books published in Europe and the US, including the international bestseller “Tres días con los maestros en la abadía de los siete rayos”, where he shares the nature of his contact experiences and the great message of awakening for this time.


To date, he is considered one of the most important contemporary contacts, having had experiences of physical encounters on several occasions with the extraterrestrial beings that assist him, sharing his message through interviews on television networks such as Telemundo and Univisión, in recent years he has been a sustained diffusion in Europe and the US where he annually shares seminars and conferences. He has also been one of the few contacted who has demonstrated his communication by inviting members of the press to the so-called “Scheduled Sightings”, among which are journalists from the TASS news agency.


He has been prepared as an instructor in inner development techniques on the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual planes, carrying out courses and workshops on the conscious management of energies and solar Initiation.

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