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María José Rosselló

Creadora del Método Atenea



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María José Rossellot

The Creator of the Athena Method


ARTIST, writer, speaker, expert in creativity and creative empowerment with more than twenty years of experience.

Trained in Neurofitness

Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in New Identity.

Ah! I am also the author of four books with a lot of art that I gave birth to with a lot of love and dedication.

I love the sea, nature, I love to enjoy the big and small pleasures that life offers, travel, listen (you learn a lot by listening), explore new paths and "fix" what is broken. Not for nothing did I become a restorer and I dedicated myself to it for years.

And in that taste for fixing and my passion for the human being, I also realized that people, myself included, no matter how much we break, we can recompose ourselves and do it from a more genuine, loving and authentic place. I became aware that you can make your life a Blank Canvas on which to repaint and rewrite your world.

ART, in addition to nature, has always been the main vehicle with which to connect with myself. At one point in my life I became very aware of its healing power, its ability to channel pain, to express that which you are not able to express in words. I realized that no matter how much you look outside, suffering and pain will not disappear, because the only way is inward.

My purpose: to support and inspire people to channel their pain, to find the beauty that is already in them through the gifts that have been lent to me: ART, CREATIVITY and COMMUNICATION. To accompany them to find their essence, their own voice and creative entity; to put in their hands the right brushes to regain the confidence and serenity necessary to repaint the canvas of their lives; and with this, to contribute together to raise the vibration of the planet and humanity.

How? Through the Athena Method, a proprietary method that makes use of the positive and profound impact that art has on our brain, to transform the blockages, both mental and emotional, in channels of personal expression and tools for the generation of new ideas and momentum of our projects. As well as in the recognition and development of the talents that, innately, each person harbors inside from the freedom and love that we are.

I understand life as a gift that we have been given, and we have chosen to know ourselves, live in the present and remember who we really are. LOVE in its purest form.

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