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TEL :     00 34 935 661 727 / 00 34 933 104 122

MOVIL : 00 34 633 276 060

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How can I buy my ticket?

Enter in the “TICKETS” section in the up web’s page part.

Choose one of the options and click “BUY NOW”. Your option will be open in another screen’s window.

​Click on the square with the logo.

Select the number of tickets of your preference and click “Continue”.

Fill out your information, you will see the total of your purchase. Just click the button “BUY”Fill out your information and select the way of payment. You will have to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Finally, you will have to fill up the information about your payment method.

Please get to the last step of the process so you can receive the ticket in your mail.

How I buy my ticket if it doesn’t work with my bank card?

In these cases, we put at your disposal a telephone number

where we can help you to make the purchase and to resolve any doubt.

In some cases we use the bank transfer as a payment method.

The contact telephone number related to the ticket sale is 0034 932 314 415

The customer service hours are from Monday to Friday: from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


How to arrive to Barcelona?


Barcelona provides of an international airport named El Prat, within two air terminals: T1 and T2.

Both are connected with a shuttle service every 8 minutes.

The airport is situated at 18 km at south of Barcelona.

It operates with more than 200 air lines with the rest of the world.

When arrived to the airport, there are a lot of options to arrive to the city:

Aerobus: Bus service from and to Plaza Catalunya (25-35 minutes).

Center of the city. It works from 05.30 am to 01.00am every day.

Train: Line R-2 Nord de Rodalies de Catalunya connected to Sant Station (19 min.),

Passeig de Gracia (26 min.) or Clot-Aragó (30 min.). Every day from 6.00 am to 11.30pm.

Taxi: In the airport there’s always a taxi’s service, any time in both air terminals.

The service from and to the airport means an extra charge and a plus for every luggage.

Roadway or train

The city is well-connected with the rest of the peninsula and Europe

with the road network and the railway tracks.

Railway : Renfe or Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC).

Carretera: If you're coming with your own vehicle, you can find all the information of

the road network in the page of -Dirección General de tráfico-.

There’s lots of buses companies too, connected regularly to Barcelona city.

The main bus station of Barcelona is named Estació del Nord.

There’s another one smaller named Fabra i Puig.

Where to sleep in Barcelona?

The event is held at the Hotel Hesperia Tower Barcelona, this being one of the best options to stay.

For more information look up the Accommodation section on our web.

How to arrive to the Hotel Hesperia Tower Barcelona?

This hotel, located above Hospitales, enjoys a unique location, being possible to reach it by metro L1.

If I’m coming with car, where can I park it?

The Hesperia Tower Barcelona Hotel has a monitored parking area for a fee.

The parking has a cost of € 4.80 per hour or € 30.00 for the full day.

Where to sleep in Barcelona?

The event is held at the Hotel Hesperia Tower Barcelona, this being one of the best options to stay.

For more information, go to our Accommodation tab.

Where to eat?

The Hesperia Tower Barcelona Hotel has with its two restaurants,

cafeteria and bar offers a wide range of gastronomy.

What is the weather on September in Barcelona?

During the month of September, the average temperature will be between 25o maximum and at least 15o.

Very sunny during most of the day and with light clouds.

What other services the Hesperia Tower Barcelona Hotel offers me?

The hotel has a gym, a sauna and a massage service (local charge).

What time does it ends?

The conferences will begin on Friday, 6tn of September and end on Sunday, 8th of September.

The schedule will be from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

As we approach the date of the congress we will give more details about the schedules.

What is the purpose of the congress?

The purpose is to unite all to share knowledge and wisdom from the hand of the most renowned experts worldwide. As well as sharing energy and experiences.

Were there be access to the conferences when they will be started?

No, for respect to the speaker guests the entrance won’t be allowed to the end of the conference.

Will there be a material stand with the guest’s books or

products of the congress?

Yes, in one hand, there’ll be a stand for the guests to sell their books.

In the other hand, will be branding of The Ufology World Congress.

If help or clarification of any doubt is needed during the congress

to whom should we go?

If at any time you have a question or need help, don't hesitate to ask or go to any person who has the accreditation organization. In the case of not finding any close, don't hesitate to ask a volunteer, it will quickly look someone part of the organization.

What functions will have a volunteer?

The volunteer will be helping the organization team with the good efficiency of the congress. For more information please contact us through our volunteer tab.

How do I get my Press-accreditation?

Click Here for your press-accreditation.


If I can’t attend, how can I see it from home?

We’ll be live streaming all The Ufology World Congress 2019.

Register will be avaible soon.

Kids will be able to attend?

The theme of the congress is intended for an adult audience, and children may not understand much of the content. But if we want to a young audience, give way to the new generations. We put at your disposal the tickets Junior, available till the age of 22.

Were there be cash dispensers?

You can find an ATM of the entity Caixer Banc Santander and Euro Automatic Chash of

Banco Popular.
* This will charge the commission subject to your own bank.

Could I bring water or food?

The hotel has spaces for eating. Eating will not be allowed during conferences.

Can I enter the hotel pets?

No, the hotel does not accept pets inside the premises.

Will there be box offices in the congress??

Yes, the price of tickets will be higher than on the web.

Where can I buy my ticket??

Tickets are available on our website in the tab * tickets, you can also find a ticket office on the day of the congress.

Are there refunds in case I can not attend??

No returns are made.

I have not received any email confirmation of the ticket

What do I have to do?

You must send an email to

with your information and we will send the ticket to your email. 

You can also contact us by WhatsApp

(+34) 633 276 060