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The Ufology World Congress



Nationality:  Spanish



Salvador Freixedo (Carballino, Orense, 1923), former Spanish Catholic priest and former member of the Society of Jesus. Ufólogo and investigator of paranormal subjects, has been invited as a speaker in numerous international congresses, in Europe as in America or Asia, as well as collaborator of several para-scientific journals, like Mundo Desconocido, 1 Karma 7 or Beyond2 among others, also participated In numerous programs of radio and television dedicated to this type of subjects.



Born in Carballiño (Ourense, Galicia), in 1923, in a deeply religious family (his brother was a Jesuit and his sister was a nun), at age five his family moved to Orense, and this is where his first Studies, making children in the nuns of San Vicente Paúl and bachillerato in the Otero Pedrayo Institute. At the age of 16 he entered the Order of the Jesuits and was ordained a priest in 1953, in Santander (Spain), belonging to that order thirty years. He began to reside in diverse countries of America from 1947 exerting its works like Jesuit, teaching History of the Church in the Interdiocesan Seminary of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), and founding the Movement of Christian Workers Youth in San Juan of Puerto Rico being vice-advisor In Havana (Cuba).


He studied humanities in Salamanca, philosophy at the University of Comillas (Santander, Spain), theology at Alma College of San Francisco (California), asceticism at Mont Laurier (Quebec, Canada), psychology at the University Of Los Angeles (California) and at Fordham University in New York.


From the 1950s his critical position with the Catholic Church's positions and the publication of some books led him to jail and the expulsion of countries like Cuba and Venezuela, as well as his exclusion from the Order of the Jesuits in 1969.

Since the 1970s he has dedicated himself to research in the field of parapsychology, especially the UFO phenomenon, and his relationship with religious phenomenon and human history, having published several books on the subject, and founded the Mexican Institute of Studies Of the Paranormal Phenomenon, of which presided the First Great International Congress organized by this institution.



From 1950 to 1970

• In 1957 while in Cuba, he wrote his first book: 40 Cases of Social Injustice. Its publication touched the high spheres of power and was "invited" by the dictator Batista to leave the island.

• In 1968, when he was in Puerto Rico, he wrote My Church Sleeps in which he posed the problem of a closed Church and denounced the lack of evangelical spirit of some of its leaders as well as the irrationality of some of their dogmas. The Order of the Jesuits. In Spain the book is banned, while in South America and North America a great controversy arises.

• In 1970 appeared in Venezuela his book: Love, Sex, Dating, Marriage, Children: Five Realities in Evolution (Religious Myths in Human Relations). By episcopal influences, the social-Christian party in power put him in jail and later expelled him from the country.

From 1970

From his rupture with the Company he devoted himself to studying paranormal phenomenology, considering it as a window into other realities or other dimensions of existence. Fruit of his many trips, investigations and reflections are more than thirty books (several on the relation of the religion with the extraterrestrials), like:

• Extraterrestrials and Religious Beliefs (Extraterrestrials and Religion) (1971)

• The Devil's Unconscious (Parapsychology and Religion) (1973)

• Visionaries, Mystics and Extraterrestrial Contacts (The Religion Between Parapsychology and UFOs) (1977)

• Israel, people contact (1978)

• 60 cases of UFOs

• Why does Christianity agonize? (1983)

• Sulfuric Dictionary

• Curanderismo and Curaciones por la Fe (1983)

• Defend us from the gods! (1984)

• The appearances of El Escorial (The Marian Apparitions) (1985)

• Religion, politics and microcephaly

• Christianity: another myth (1986)

• Healers (1987)

• The human farm (They, the invisible owners of this planet) (1988)

• The Extraterrestrial Threat (1989)

• Interpellation to Jesus of Nazareth (1989)

• Religious appearances: myth or reality? ; An explanation to phenomena such as Villa Alemana (1989)

• Contacted (1991)

• The Children of the New Age (1992)

• UFOs, a threat to humanity? (1992)

• Biography of the UFO phenomenon (1992)

• What are UFOs? (1993)

• UFO phenomenon: Evidence (1993)

• In the limits of the universe (1994)

• UFOs and predatory gods (1995)

• The religions that separate us (1995)

• Seers, visionaries and vividores (1998)

• A Galician called Christopher Columbus, rediscovering America (2002)

• The Expaña de Z (2010)

• Teovnilogy (2012)

• Church, wake up! (2015)

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