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He graduated in political science with a thesis in sociological sciences at the Cesare Alfieri Institute of the University of Florence and then served as a military officer in the 3rd "Aquileia" missile brigade of the Italian army in Portogruaro

Passionate about ufology, since 1960 he has been interested in documentary research about UFOs and in his works he affirms to be convinced that aliens visit us periodically. On the back cover of his book UFO: the contact factor, he states that "the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence that periodically visits our planet is now scientifically proven". In this sense, he also proposed a solution to the paradox of Enrico Fermi ("If there are extraterrestrials, why are not they already here?"). Pinotti's hypothesis is that humanity could be found in a kind of Indian reservation under an agreement called The Big Game, which would have been stipulated between the governments of Earth and extraterrestrial species to reveal their existence only gradually. Pinotti believes that this agreement can be explained with the intention of preventing anomie, which could stem from the rupture of the assumptions of the real planetarium, as well as the immediate transience of traditional values.

In 1967 he also founded an association, the National Center of UFO (CUN), of which he was several times president and spokesperson of a social magazine. Likewise, CUN has participated in numerous radio and television programs. Pinotti, has a vast archive about the UFO phenomenon. He has worked as a publicist since 1975, collaborating with several magazines with articles on ufology, writing thousands of articles and 34 popular UFO works, some of which have been translated into other languages.

The asteroid 12470, discovered on January 13, 1997 by the astrophile Maura Tombelli of the Astrophile Group of Montelupo Fiorentino was dedicated to him.


In the year 2000, during a ufológico symposium in San Marino, he announced that he had received from an anonymous source material of alleged UFO files, published later, on a flying saucer that would have crashed near Milan in 1933. It would follow an investigation, carried out for an RS / 33 cabinet of own style (RS would be for "Special Investigation"), authorized by the own Benito Mussolini and directed by the physicist Guglielmo Marconi. Despite the coverage of the OVRA. In 1941, the archives of the investigation would have fallen into the hands of the Gestapo, for the beginning of a similar Nazi program that would be carried out in cooperation with Ahnenerbe. The ship would have been hidden in a Savoia-Marchetti hangar in Vergiate (VA), but there is no evidence of its presence, nor of a supposed transfer to Area 51 (Nevada in the US). Nor is there evidence of the existence of the RS Cabinet, whose historicity even in the UFO world is accepted unanimously.