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The Ufology World Congress


Nationality: Chile

  • He has born in July 20 of 1950 in Santiago, Chile. He studied in Calasanz College of Santiago.

  • At the end of 1960, he organized his first international network about interchange of UFO information in Santiago.

  • In 1972, he studied Philosophy and Pedagogic Letters at the Chile University.

  • In 1983 he was acquired the Spanish citizenship without losing his main nationality.

  • Between 1980 and 1990 he studied Europe history, Anthropology, and Ancient Traditions. He has also specialized in topics about Esoteric Hitlerism, Historical Enigmas related with the America conquest.

  • In the early 80´s he edited the NOUFA in Barcelona (Spain) Noticiero Ufológico Autónomo (Autonomous Ufological News) – which is a dedicated newsletter about the para-science, especially in the Ufo topic, where the best Spanish specialists of the time participated.

  • He collaborated with Spanish magazines like Año Cero, Enigmas, La Séptima Llama, Límites de la Realidad y Karma-7, which were developing topics related with Missing Civilizations, Isla de Pascua, Mitos and Leyendas, South Americans.

  • In 1995 he started a dominical collaboration with El Laberinto which is a radio show in Gramanet Radio (Barcelona) with an expert journalist Marta Riera. In that show he talked about related themes of the paranormal world. He did more than 70 programs.

  • He had chance to travel to Chile and South America, to investigate mysteries such as the Friendship Island, He has worked intensely in this research about the origins of the Ex Colonia Dignidad Nazi accommodation in Chilean territory. This entire works have been published in different Spanish channels.

  • As a journalist he has worked in different parts of the world and he has interviewed with very important people like Holiness Dalai Lama, Charles Berlitz, Jacques Vallée, Antonio Ribera Jordá, Miguel Serrano, etc. He has completed researches with Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Willy Smith, Manuel Figueroa, Alex Chionetti and Ramón Navia Osorio.

  • Currently he is living in Chile as temporarily. He is the founder and representative of the First Delegation in South America of IIEE (Instituto de Investigación y Estudios Exobiológicos), Investigation Institute based in Barcelona España.

  • In the 2004 he did a radio show “De tu hogar al cielo” in Radio Encuentro (107.3 FM) in the crowded commune of Peñalolen in Santiago, Chile.

  • In October of 2004 he coordinated the First International Tribute that made in Chile with the Spanish investigator Antonio Ribera Jordá. This event took place in the Centro Catalán of the Chilean capitol.

  • He is the author of the books like “Explorando El Laberinto” (IIEE Ediciones), “El chupacabras y otros seres fantásticos” (Edición particular), La Otra Conquista (Chile y España, divinos y sacramentados).

  • He is a speaker in Spain for the radio show “Otros Mundos” (Murcia) and “La Realidad Oculta” in the Baleares islands.

  • He is a web director in Chile for the IIEE and also in Spain.

  • He is a director in NOUFA, Chile – “Noticiero Ufológico Autónomo” and the rest of his stage of existence that is delivered in PDF format.



SUB TITLE: No concrete scientific explanation yet. From the Atacama Desert in Chile to Europe.  


Year 2003: The specimen denominated "strange being of the Noria" was discovered by a pirquinero and collector of old objects of name Oscar Muñoz. La Noria is a former saltpeter abandoned in the Atacama desert about 60 km away from the city of Iquique. The being was wrapped in a white cloth and secured with a violet ribbon.


In spite of the strange thing of the finding Mr. Muñoz sold it to a well-known nightclub in the city of Iquique, but at the moment of its finding some young people who were present managed to photograph it and the news reached all the media of the country. From that moment the hypotheses, declarations, and all kinds of speculations have accompanied it. Most of these statements come from people who have never looked closely at being. The press, having no concrete, solid explanation, treated it in a jocular and not very serious way in Chile.


After the media period, the IIEE of Spain made the necessary arrangements and acquired the being to carry out studies at an advanced level in Europe. It was presented on July 5, 2004 at the Royal Academy of Sciences of Barcelona in the presence of distinguished doctors and specialists of the Academy. A finding of this type has a number of details and special circumstances that do not reach the general public.


The history of the place? His legends that surround him?


An anecdote that has never been said will be presented in Barcelona for the first time by one of the people who was at the precise moments of the original investigations with their protagonists. The route of this strange specimen is not yet complete, and current Science does not have unanimity in its appreciations, although in the desert zone of its discovery, ancient Aymara natives know perfectly well that their ancestors already knew them. It was a tiny breed of people who lived in the desert subsoil and caused dread among the Indians and their crops.


Ramón Navia-Osorio Villar, pilot of the Merchant Marine. He traveled around the world, sometimes for his profession and others after researching the unidentified. He belonged to the Center for Interplanetary Studies, as a field researcher. He was cofounder of the extinct Coordinator of Studies on the FOVNI, where he exerted like secretary general; Co-founder of the Spanish Research Council; Co-director of the extinct magazine OVNI Research; Coordinator of the Delphi project and co-founder of the Institute of Research and Exobiological Studies (IIEE), of which he is now president. At present he is director of the magazine Espacio shared, one of the best specialized publications on these subjects. He wrote The Occult Truth; The anthropomorphic being of Atacama and is co-author with Juan Diaz of natural processes or uncontrolled manifestations.