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Rafael Balaguer Rosa, is a prehistorian and astronomer. Born in Barcelona in 1971, especially interested and committed to scientific dissemination, it focuses on the communication task of Astronomy and Paleoanthropology by teaching courses and conferences, in which audiovisual media stand out, as well as making public astronomical observations, especially with Astrogirona, Girona Astronomical Association, where he has been linked to his management since his origins in 1999 and of which he is president, and where he conducts studies on meteorology, solar activity, spectroscopy and exoplanets. In this sense, it has promoted the construction and directs the two observatories that the Astronomical Association of Girona put into service in 2011 in Llagostera (Girona).

His vitality and great interest in all aspects related to Astronomy and Paleoanthropology have led him to travel all over the world by providing a cross-sectional view to astronomical discipline, combining it with Anthropology and Archeology. He is currently conducting an international research, totally pioneering in the field of archeoastronomy, which studies the relationship between the location and orientation of megalithic monuments with the geomagnetic field of the Earth. He also actively participates in the Spanish Research Network on bolids and meteorites, under the coordination of Dr. Josep Maria Trigo Rodríguez. With him, and members of the International Meteorite Collectors Association, of which he is also a member, participates in several field investigations in search of meteorites.

With a wide teaching experience and as a scientific communicator, his works have been published in prestigious magazines such as "Astronomy", "Tribuna de Astronomy and Universe" and "Nostra Nau", and have also been disseminated through the media, written and audiovisual of all fields, local, regional, state, With those who regularly collaborate, such as currently in the program "Fourth Millennium" with Iker Jiménez, As a scientific advisor and collaborator, and also on the radio program “Madrid Directo”, De Onda Madrid, with Nieves Herrero, with a weekly section on astronomy and prehistory.

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