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Marie-Josèphe García

Energy Therapies and Akashic Records

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Marie- Josèphe Garcia

Energy Therapies and Akashic Records

workshop plus

Exploring the field of possibilities through the Akashic Records: How do our ancestors and our past lives impact our present life?

We will discuss the importance of understanding the transgenerational and what impact this has on our lives based on past events in the family line, on the father's side or on the mother's side. How the Akashic Records can help us to understand blocked situations, repetitive patterns, family secrets...

1.20 h


Born in France to Spanish parents and the oldest of 4 siblings, I quickly felt “different” from the people around me. First because of the language barrier and then because of my mediumistic abilities that made me more sensitive to the invisible. From very early on I had intuitions and premonitory dreams. I thought everyone felt all this. This difference made me feel completely disconnected from the outside world. School didn't attract my attention, I felt like I was wasting my time.


At 17 years old I left my studies to enter the world of work. Completely self-taught, I experienced different professions: Commercial director of graphic arts at 24 years old, Commercial representative for 15 years, Communication manager, Parliamentary attaché. A trip full of experiences that ended up tiring me because I no longer made sense of everything.


In 2011 I decided to stop working for others and decided to create my own job. Things didn't go as I thought and I had to face the reality that the entire universe was conspiring for me to go in another direction. From a very early age I began to participate in personal development courses because I was attracted to this world and I liked to help others through my life experience. After a time of doubt and acceptance of moving from a very Cartesian world to a more subtle world, it became clear that I was on the right path.


In 2015 I opened my practice in Gard where I practiced energy treatments, in 2016 I discovered the Akashic Archives and there my life took on all its meaning. I felt perfectly at home in these frequencies... From discovery to discovery through the messages I received, I was able to understand the meaning of my life and also the impact that past generations had on our daily lives. How this affected the entire family line and also in the future. This guide allowed me to reveal myself and dare to give lectures on YouTube or in wellness salons to present this beautiful tool for personal transformation and raise awareness among people about the role they had in the family clan.

So it was quite natural that I oriented myself towards transmission: making people autonomous by understanding their story, transmitting this tool to them. Today I organized different workshops - Journeys to the Heart of the Sacred Frequencies - and I offer two levels to learn how to access the Akashic Archives (Level 1 - Initiation), and also those of animals, things, people, places.... (Level 2 practitioner).

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