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The Ufology World Congress


Nationality: Spanish


I am a journalist. My profession is one of the most interesting. It is so vibrant and intense that it never lets you disconnect the radar. I like hard journalism, tell the truth. That is why I have been vetoed on several occasions. Beyond the paranoias, I have been able to verify the existence of the famous "black hands". Maybe someday, when I'm older, I'll tell you. The pillars that support my trajectory are political and social analysis, the defense of life and the world of mystery. These last two, absolutely anti-system.

I have published nine books of different themes. The last one, to whom I have a special affection for the good moments that I spent, first investigating and after writing it, is titled The codex of Clara Rosenberg, a novel whose action takes place in the Way of Santiago.

Apart from this personal blog, I deal with Ourense Siglo 21, a sort of extension of the magazine I directed for six years, which was published on paper, a kind of window to the world through which I show the excellence of the beautiful province In which I lived the last years, Ourense, the city of gold, hot springs and culture; Not in vain, Ourense is known as the Athens of Galicia.
Television occupied many years of my life. Although I presented content programs as different as mystery or health, interviews and political-social debate have always been present. Until last July I directed and presented the program La Bitácora, Popular TV Galicia. Another means of communication victim of the crisis !
, and other things.

I also write articles on political analysis that are published in various media. Those who say that I am too critical and acid, are right. You can say that I do not bite my tongue, with all that entails !, but I always pretend to follow the dictates of my conscience.

For years I had resisted Facebook. I thought he would not give me anything and that he would steal my time. But a friend convinced me that by dedicating myself to writing, I have to be active in social networks. In the end, I created my wall and I'm delighted. Of course, I try not to overwhelm myself if I spend two weeks without climbing anything. It all depends on the time, which barely reaches me for everything I want to do.

The editorial The Golden Rule editions, of which I am director, takes a lot of time, but it gives me many joys and good moments. Reading manuscripts, evaluating them, publishing them and, finally, seeing the author with his book in hand is a real "momentazo".

Now I am finishing my tenth book, Almost nothing is what it seems, that carries as subtitle Conspiracies against humanity, a book on the great lies of the system or, in other words, forbidden truths.


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