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The Ufology World Congress


Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia on January 20th, 1964. He studied Architecture and specialized in Art and Antiques Restoration. At present, he has his own construction company in La Paz, Bolivia. He also likes to compose and play New Age electronic music.

Luis Fernando is considered one of the most important E.T-contacts of our times. He has experienced many physical encounters with his extraterrestrial guides, who have given him direct guidance and assistance since he was 13, in 1977, when he lived his first contact experience.

He began to share his experiences and knowledge by giving Contact Preparation courses and talks on the subject in many different countries such as ARGENTINA, CHILE, PERU, PARAGUAY, EL SALVADOR, HONDURAS, COSTA RICA, MEXICO, EEUU, CANADA, ESPAÑA, INGRATERRA, ITALIA, FRANCIA, REP. DOMINICANA BRASIL, ECUADOR and BOLIVIA.

He has written and published 5 books, in which he shares the nature of his E.T's contact experiences and the great awakening message he receives from them for these times. ONE IS ALREADY AN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER! He is one of the few contacts who have demonstrated that his experiences are real by inviting members of the press, some of which work for TASS Agency, to watch "programmed U.F.O. sightings".

He has been prepared as an Instructor in inner-development techniques in a physical, mental and spiritual level giving courses on the conscientious use of energy and Xolar Initiation. He has promoted the creation of the Continental Platform with preparation centers in Mount Shasta (U.S.A), Copan (Honduras) and Titicaca Lake (Bolivia).

Contact in the Andes

The Masters from the Great White Brotherhood 

Sacred Titicaca Lake and the Extraterrestrial Guides

"When the great love for creation has grown in the heart of the beloved, the great love for the divine and still more, the great love for the humane…

When the feeling of renunciation is born in the heart of the beloved and the marvelous desire to surrender to the divine has emerged…

When in your heart, oh beloved, the light has reborn as the only source of inspiration, as the only realization goal…

When your life has no other purpose except to serve the Divine Plan, then you are prepared to be invited to the Inner Temple, and the Kingdom of Light will have opened its doors so from within, you will be lead into a marvelous and fantastic realization experience. Master Soromez, from the Inner Retreat of the Sacred Titicaca Lake."

After having several physical contact experiences with the "Amautas" (wise elders) from ancient cultures which preceded ours, and who now live in the Inner cities or underground cities of the Andes and Lake Titicaca, great revelations have been given to us by them, which are making us rewrite the history of humanity. As these Amautas tell us, the oldest civilizations developed in what is now called the "new world" or America is in fact the old continent.

Since the decade of the 70's, America has been the site of many great physical contact experiences lived by some people with the "wise elders", who live in underground cities or "sacred cities" all across the Andes, as well as with beings who come from outside our own planet and who have been guiding and helping our civilizations for thousands of years. These extraterrestrial guides have given some people the opportunity to travel with them to visit their own civilizations on their planets, so we can also learn from them and create a higher civilization here on Earth, not only technologically speaking, but also spiritually. I myself have been fortunate to have had this experience, and several physical encounters with the "Elders" in the Andes and Titicaca Lake. Now I come as their emissary, bringing men and women the message of hope and alternative ways to build a new civilization in these times of change and transformation. The year 2012 will mark the beginning of a new era; an era of existence in a higher dimension that will lead us into a life of fraternity and love among humans.

In 30 years of continuous contacts, I have experienced what we call "interdimensional trips". In one of these trips they took me to planet Venus in our own Solar System, as part of a perfectly elaborated plan by the Great White Brotherhood. This experience, described in my book "Runa Antilis", has a profound relation with what is lived in the Inner Retreat of Titicaca Lake (Bolivia) and the existence of an extraordinary tool kept there by these guides or Amautas: The Solar Disc, which will soon be given back to the new humanity after it recovers its true spiritual identity.

The Contact with these guides continues today in an effort to help humans take responsibility for their own actions and learn to create the necessary changes to transform humanity. They are here to guide us and help us; however, as they say, they will not do our job for us.

As part of my mission, I'm working, together with a group of people in the materialization of a Continental Platform, by creating the "External Retreats" of the Great White Brotherhood in three very important energetic places where there are also "Inner Retreats": Titicaca Lake, Bolivia,- Copan Valley, Honduras, and - Mount Shasta, U.S.A. The "Ulterior Preparation", as the guides call this last part of the preparation before the year 2012, has begun since August 2007 and is leading us to a new time and to the birth of a new civilization!


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