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The Ufology World Congress 2019 


During the last thirty years, Josep Guijarro (Terrassa, 1967) has concentrated a good part of his efforts in traveling and investigating the enigmas of the past in search of evidences that substantiate that we are not alone in the universe. As a result of these surveys was born-in 2013- the series "Extraterrestrials?" Which issues History Channel for Spain and Portugal.


Josep has traveled more than 50 countries and has received the opinion of many national and international experts in ufological matters.


Josep Guijarro returned to his origins, to his passion for ufology and historical enigmas in a book that has the title ‘Aliens Ancestrales’, after his last publishing success, ‘Coincidencias Imposibles’ (Books Dome, 2014). Reporter for the press, radio and television, he directed for a decade the magazine KARMA 7, was editor-in-chief of MÁS ALLÁ and, currently, he is part of the Research Team of ENIGMAS magazine. He is also one of the voices of the Zone Zero talk show in ‘La Rosa de los Vientos’ in Onda Cero and a regular collaborator in TVE prime time, in the ‘Hora Punta’ program.



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