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"The unfolding of time and its consequences in our life"

The theory of unfolding that Jean Pierre discovered in 1988 explains, without postulates, but with a simple logic, the same mechanical laws of the infinitely small to the infinitely large. We know that the infinitely small particles release quantum energy in imperceptible times. In the infinitely large, the relativistic mechanics of Einstein shows that an energy is always related to the mass by the speed of light that has nothing of a true speed (Einstein's paradox that explains the unfolding of time).


But the most important thing is that the splitting theory imposes three simultaneous times (past, present, future) that make us live and survive.

Why? In another time where they have time to exist, our thoughts create futures with their consequences, good or bad. In other words, in order to survive as best as possible at every moment, it is essential to have "the most-benevolent-possible-towards-neighbor" thoughts to create potential benevolents that will make the one who updates them in their present live.


Conversely, if these potentials are bad, each of us can update them and live the disastrous consequences of them, in all areas, because we are tributaries of a future that can give us bad information to better make us slaves. In that way, we only think of ourselves and become true puppets.


The understanding of this unfolding is interesting because it allows everyone to live as best as possible in our day to day. Let's know how to use it!



Sunday September 8

9:45 - 11:00            


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1hora y 15 min

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* All workshops have a very limited capacity and will have to be reserved with a minimum of 30 days prior to the Congress. Subject to availability.

* This program may be subject to last minute changes due to the agendas of the speakers and external reasons outside the organization.

* All possible changes will be notified to all our users and buyers, via mail and RRSS.