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Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, born in 1940, physicist (Doctor in Mechanics of Fluids), author of the theory of the unfolding of space and time (The Doubling Theory)


A report in the Academy of sciences and a presidential derogation.

Very good student, can be broadcast at "Centrale" in Paris (prestigious "school") but renounces it: his coming of age opens the doors of freedom. However, he decides to close his studies with a degree in physics in Mechanics of Fluids. To save time, he passes the 2nd "Mechanics of Fluids" certificate before the 1st. The Dean of the Faculty of Poitiers (Pr. Chartier) wishes that he work in his laboratory. However, the bachelor's degree in physics can not be granted because they have not been certified in the stipulated order. The Dean therefore requests a derogation that President Charles de Gaulle grants him. While waiting for this dispensation that could conclude his studies, Jean Pierre Malet makes bibliography, finds an equation known for having no solution, but ignores this "reputation" and finds the result.

Stupefied, his teacher, asks his Chinese assistant, Li Fang Tsen, to prove it.

Call of Laplace-Bernoulli this equation is interesting that it should be the object not only of a thesis, but also of a Report to the Academy of Sciences.

The application allows the University of Poitiers to be the 1st French university to obtain an IBM computer.

He becomes the youngest student to be published in the Academy of Sciences, proposed by Leopold Escande: "Effect of soil on a convergent or divergent jet plan comprehensible." Note by Li Fang Tseny Jean Pierre Malet. CR1966 Volume263 page500 a503.

But the Report in the Academy of Sciences does not give you a state thesis that can not be granted in one year. You need a dispensation again: it is a codicil of the 1st Minister Pompidou, who grants him a PhD in Mechanics of Fluids.


A career drawn-Declinates the proposals of the ambassadors of the US, USSR, Canada ... who, in person, request him to incorporate their research centers. But, having to perform his military service in Paris, he is quickly assigned to a fundamental research service. It puts an end to military research when it validates a diploma that allows it to be a master architect.

He continues with his investigations and his free spirit is not conditioned by any school, any laboratory, any dictation.


The Theory of the unfolding of time (The Doubling Theory). After a fundamental discovery about the ownership of time in 1988, published (*) The Theory of the unfolding of time.

In recognition of his wife who has supported and helped him during those years of research, Jean Pierre Malet adds his last name to his and his signature: Jean PierreGarnierMalet.


Jean Pierre Garnier Maletse endeavors to make his theory known to the broad public due to its numerous and important applications in daily life and, above all: anticipation, instinct and intuition related to the vital principle of the unfolding of time.

Alno belonged to no research laboratory and has far exceeded the age of retirement, does not have any media coverage, or usual help provided by laboratories to their researchers, but, gets shocking results!


(*) Numerous publications under scientific arbitration as of 1998:

1. J.P. Garnier-Malet, 1998, Modeling and Computing of Anticipatory System: Application to the Solar System, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems. Vol 2. 132-156, Publ. By CHAOS, Liège Belgium.

2. J.P. Garnier-Malet, 1999, Geometrical Model of Anticipatory Embedded Systems, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems. Vol 3. 143-159, Ed. By D.M. Dubois, Publ. By CHAOS, Liège Belgium.

3. J.P. Garnier-Malet, 2000, The Doubling Theory, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems Vol 5. 39-62, Ed. By D.M. Dubois, Publ. By CHAOS, Liège Belgium.

4. J.P. Garnier-Malet, 2001, The Three Time Flows of Any Quantum or Cosmic Particle, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems Vol 10. 311-321, Ed. By D.M. Dubois, Publ. By CHAOS, Liège Belgium.

In 2006, JPG received a Best Paper Award for supublication at the American Institute of Physics (AIP):

"The Doubling Theory Corrects the Titius-Bode Law and Defines the Fine Structure Constant in the Solar System" Seventh International Conference 2006 American Institute of Physics 0-7354-0331-7 / 06

In 2009, another JPGM publication in the ICNAAM: "The Doubling Theory" provides the calculation of two universal constants (speed of light - fine structure constant) and it explains the dark energy and the dark matter (abstract à l'AIP).

Shocking results referring to the infinitely small particles and the infinitely large universes that obey the same fundamental movement, observable on a privileged plane (plane of the universe, of galaxies, of stars, of planets, of atoms, plane of polarization of the cells in unfolding ...). The splitting theory defines the speeds of the exchanges of information between three unfolded times: past, present, future.

The smallest is the speed of light C0 sent to us by our sun of diameter DSy of circumference 2πDS:

C0 = 108 (2πDS) 104 per year = 299 792 km / s

C0 = 108 (2πDS) 104 per year = 299 792 km / s


In reality, it is not a speed, it is a relationship between a radial path (passing through the center of a space) and a tangential path (surrounding it), which can be expressed both in sec / km and in km / km. This fundamental equation shows that C0 is not a true velocity (Einstein's paradox) because it is independent of the speed of the source and the speed of the observer.

Calls "supralumínicas" because faster than C0, two speeds C1 and C2 circulate the information between the three times (past, present, future): C2 = 7C1 = (73/12) 105C0.


These speeds explain, finally, what we call, erroneously, the entanglement between particles.

The unfolding of times is cyclical. It is carried out in 12 times 2070 years with a transition of 1080 years between two cycles, which corresponds to the precession cycle of the equinoxes of 25 920 years, which we can finally explain. Throughout these cycles, the diameter of the Sun can vary, as well as the orbits of the planets, but the constant C0 remains unchanged.

It should be noted that with these three speeds our brain receives information half a second before decoding them: discovery of B. Libet (published in 1987) confirmed by the medical imaginary. This vital anticipation is the consequence of the unfolding of the time that gives us at each moment answers to the questions that each of our cellas arises to survive in a time that for us has no time to exist.

Explained by the theory, 4 spaced solar explosions of 30 years (1899, 1929, 1959, 1989) have opened the transition period between 2 cycles. Therefore, the black Sun that unfolds our luminous Sun will soon appear.Considered by astrophysicists as an invisible planet, this dark star (responsible for a 5th premature solar explosion in 2003) explains the current modifications of the orbits of our giant planets and our climate.


Surviving the "end (current of a cycle) of the times" requires knowledge of the law of the unfolding of times (past, present, future) that allows us to update at every moment in our "terrestrial" present the best "extraterrestrial" future potentials created by our thoughts in an imperceptible time.