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The Ufology World Congress



Iván Martínez (born on May 24, 1991) is a young researcher and writer dedicated to the study of the UFO phenomenon, parapsychology and all the mysteries hidden in this reality.

The passion he feels for the search for the mystery has led him to expose in a humble and serious way many of his researches, always with the aim of motivating those people who do not know the mystery so that they can build their own reality.

Ivan is specialized in the secrets of the mind, more specifically in the creation of Tulpas. According to Tibetan Buddhism and Vajrayana doctrine, the power of the mind can achieve anything, it can even modify matter and create sentient beings independently by thought. Ivan thinks that these beings are part of our subconscious and has managed to theorize the possibility that the human being has to index the subconscious outside the body and thus be able to study it as an entity different from the body capable of influencing the visible world.

Apart from looking for the mystery, Iván stands out for his great communicative capacity, in the graphic arts, in 3D modeling and in his ability to master everything in a short time. Think that the new generations of researchers must learn from the legacy left to us by those who are no longer with us.

"The Great Mystery project arises with the purpose of gathering information and exposing various theories in order to feed the innate curiosity that all of us possess in some way - or we should have - We are a young but ambitious project, talking about various topics and to take out the web, maintaining a contact .. Granmistery is mainly composed of open-minded young people and transcendental thoughts, we shed light, or at least, create doubt about current issues that the media twist or historical facts established almost to the force by the orthodox current that deceives us.

We want to give a point of view foreign to every axiom and awaken in the individual his own desire to find reality and grow as an individual. Open minds We do not intend to convince anyone about anything, the goal is for everyone to make their own conclusions and reach their own truth by looking at the existing data.

On the other hand, we deal with occult themes or those related to magic and para-sciences or sciences not recognized as such by the orthodox current - it will be for something - perhaps it suits them to keep certain ideas on the margin, ridiculed and dismissed as arcane medieval ignorance, in order to get a great benefit.

Both the web, the content, the logistics, the design and the research were carried out by Iván Martínez, better known as VM "


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