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   90 min

Following more than 15 years of research, we have concluded, through data, that Orbs are not only intelligences from other dimensions but also intermediaries of what are known as extraterrestrial beings.


The Quantum Apometry workshop (introduction to the technology of the spirit) is delivered in two parts: a theoretical one (general concepts of quantum field, dimensions, time, energy, techniques used, mental projection, the use of mandalas) and a practical part where it is taught how to use the techniques for self-care ”adapting me to the time available for it.

The objectives of the workshop are:

Raise students' awareness of their spiritual strength, their ability to connect internally and to be in harmony and balance. May I find your truths and freedom. Teach the self-care used by Quantum Apometry that includes cleaning (spiritual, energetic, temporal), protection and elevation of the vibratory frequency.

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