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The Ufology World Congress


Nationality: Swiss


Erich   von   Däniken,   born   on   April   14th,   1935   in   Zofingen, Switzerland. During  his  formative  years  at  the  renowned  Collège  St-Michel  in Fribourg,  Switzerland,  Erich  von  Däniken  immersed  himself  in ancient  holy  writings  and  unsolved  archaeological  puzzles.  As  a young  astronome,  he  began  writing  topic-related  articles  before eventually  authoring  his  international  best  seller  Chariots  of  the Gods.   Erich   von   Däniken   has   held   countless   lectures   and discussions  at  public  forums  and  educational  institutions.  His  40 books  have  sold  over  67  million  copies  and  have  been  translated into 32 languages.


His  bestselling  books,  Chariots  of  the  Gods  and  Mysteries  of  the  Gods  have  inspired  two documentary  films.  The  Baden-Baden-based  television  station  Sudwestrundfunk  filmed  a three-part documentary on Erich von Däniken’s works. In  1993,  Erich  von  Däniken  moderated  a  25-part  television  series  on  SAT-I.  Its  success  kept it in broadcast twice a month for a whole year.In  1996,  the  US  television  network  ABC  produced  a  $1.2  million  dollar  documentary  with Erich  von  Däniken.  The  German  station  RTL  broadcast  the  film  throughout  Europe  that  the same  year.  With  4.57  million  viewers,  the  show  reached  the  highest  audience  rating  on every  channel.  In  total,  69%  of  the  viewers  were  under  50  years  of  age.  Even  the  rerun event on May 1, 1997 attracted 3.17 million viewers.


The  world’s  largest  public  broadcaster,  ARD,  produced  a  1998  documentary  about  Erich von  Däniken  and  in  February  of  2001,  the  British  television  station  Twenty-Twenty  also made  a  biography  about  Erich  von  Däniken.  It  was  first  broadcast  on  Channel  4  and  has since  travelled  throughout  the  world.  In  2009,  the  US  television  channel  History  began  a groundbreaking  series  about  Erich  von  Däniken’s  hypotheses  entitled  Ancient  Aliens.  The series   received   the   highest   audience   rating   History   has   ever   received.   This   success launched  continued  filming  and  by  March  of  2016,  this  series  will  boast  a  total  of  120  shows while running in many languages throughout the world.


Starting  in  February  of  2011,  Erich  von  Däniken  has  written  a  regular  column  for  the  Swiss newspaper  Blick  am  Abend.  By  March  of  2016,  128  columns  will  have  been  published  and the series is planned to continue.HonoursErich  von  Däniken  has  received  many  honours  throughout  the  years.  Including  an  honorary doctorate  (Dr.h.c.)  from  the  University  of  Bolivia  (1975),  as  well  as  honorary  citizenship  from the  city  of  Nazca,  which  gained  notoriety  through  its  mysterious  lines  and  carvings.  In  the fall  of  1987,  he  became  an  honorary  member  of  the  Cordon  bleu  du  Saint-Esprit  order together  with  the  German  astronaut  Ulf  Merbold.  Erich  von  Däniken  received  the  Premio Lourenço  Filho  in  gold  and  platinum  in  Brazil.  (Lurenço  Filho  was  a  Brazilian  educator comparable to the Swiss Heinrich Pestalozzi).


In  2004,  the  World  Explorer’s  Club  awarded  Erich  von  Däniken  with  the  World  Explorer Prize. The ceremony was held at the University of Lodz in Poland.On  April  8,  2013,  the  Brazilian  metropolis  of  Curitiba  honoured  Erich  von  Däniken  for  his entire body of work on unsolved mysteries from the past. And the science...Year  after  year,  Erich  von  Däniken’s  ideas  gain  more  momentum  in  scientific  circles.  For example,  the  Nobel  Prize  holder  Francis  Crick  published  a  book,  Life  Itself  (Piper  Verlag), where  he  states  “Life  on  earth  began  in  the  form  of  micro-organisms  that  were  sent  into space towards Earth by a higher civilisation billions of years ago with an unmanned rocket.”


Together  with  the  mathematics  genius  Nalin  Chandra  Wickramasinghe,  the  world-famous British  astrophysicist  Sir  Fred  Hoyle  published  the  work  Evolution  from  Space  (Ullstein-Verlag),   where   the   scientists   support   the   idea   that   life   was   not   created   on   earth   and Darwinian  theories  should  be  amended.  In  reality,  mutations  came  from  intelligent  lifeforms from   space.   Erich   von   Däniken   initially   proposed   these   same   ideas   in   his   1977   work According to the Evidence (Chapter 5).In  the  Journal  of  the  British  Interplanetary  Society,  No.  36,  Dr.  Robert  A.  Freitas  from  the Xenology  Research  Institute  (Sacramento,  California)  suggested  a  new  research  project  by the  name  of  SETA.  In  contrast  to  the  existing  project  SETI  (Search  for  Extra-terrestrial Intelligence),  SETA  (Search  for  Extra-terrestrial Artefacts)  would  research  evidence  of  extra-terrestrials  in  our  solar  system.  This  is  the  precisely  what  Erich  von  Däniken  has  done  for 50 years.


The  Russian  scientist  Dr.  Vladimir  V.  Rubtsov  suggested  in  1980  at  a  symposium  in  Kaliga that  a  new  branch  of  science  by  the  name  of  Palaeovisitology  be  created.  This  new  field describes extra-terrestrial visits in geological and prehistoric times.At  the  33rd  conference  of  the  International  Astronautical  Federation,  held  in  Paris  from September  27  to  October  2,  1982,  Dr.  Michael  Papagiannis,  astronomer  at  the  Boston University  suggested  searching  for  traces  of  extra-terrestrial  intelligence  in  the  asteroid  belt: “We  would  look  pretty  stupid  to  future  generations  if  we  would  continue  to  search  for  extra-terrestrial  civilisations  on  far-distant  stars  while  the  answer  could  be  found  here  directly  in our solar system.”


In  1985,  the  first  scientific  anthology  about  Erich  von  Däniken’s  topics  appeared  (Aus  Den Tiefen  Des  Alles  -  From  the  Depths  of  Space  -  Grabert/Hohenrain-Verlag).  The  following scientists provided contributions for this:-Dr.  Luis  Navia,  Philosophy  Professor  at  the  New  York  Institute  of  Technology,  New  York, USA-Dr. Philip A. Ianna, Astronomy Professor at the University of Virginia, USA-Dr. Harry O. Ruppe, Aerospace Engineering Professor at the Technical University Munich-Prof. Dr. Sir Fred Hoyle, Astrophysics Professor, Great Britain-Dr. Francis H.C. Crick, Nobel Prize holder and Microbiology Professor, San Diego-Dr.  Dileep  Kumar  Kanjilal,  Sanskrit  Professor  at  the  Calcutta  Sanskrit  College,  Calcutta, IndiaIn  the  meantime,  hundreds  of  book  titles  about  Erich  von  Däniken’s  ideas  exist  throughout the  world  by  a  multitude  of  authors.  Countless  television  series  and  films  are  based  on  his thoughts, such as Stargate and Prometheus.


In  general  it  can  be  concluded  that  despite  criticism  from  conservative  chairs,  the  science community  is  warming  up  to  Erich  von  Däniken’s  ideas  more  and  more.  Erich  von  Däniken is already no longer capable of fulfilling the countless requests for lectures and discussions.That  is  why  Erich  von  Däniken  holds  more  and  more  lectures  in  closed  societies  like  the Lions,   the   Kiwanis,   the   Rotarians,   international   corporations,   banks   and   lodges.   The Masonic  Grand  Lodge  Grande  Oriente  Do  Parana  honoured  Erich  von  Däniken  in  April  of 2013 for his courageous life’s work in the city of Curitiba/Brazil. Erich  von  Däniken  is  a  member  of  the  Swiss  Pen-Club  and  the  Swiss  Writer's  Guild.  He  is  a co-founder  of  the  association  for  Archaeology,  Astronautics  and  SETI  (AAS),  a  non-profit association  that  deals  with  his  topics.  He  also  founded  the  Mystery  Park  in  Interlaken, Switzerland and wrote all the texts for it. (Today: Jungfrau-Park).


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