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Enrique de Vicente, Madrid, 1950. In addition to a degree in advertising and marketing, fields in which he has work for 21 years, he's a journalist specialized in scientific and paranormal subjects, whose study has been dedicated for 55 years. For 25 years - beating a world record in specialized journalism - he directed the international magazine "Year Zero", which he created in 1990. Previously, he was the director of "Extraterrestrial Contacts" and "Supermind, parapsychology magazine" as well as editor-in-chief, collaborator or correspondent of fifty magazines and national and foreign newspapers.


In 1981 he directed the first course on the UFO phenomenon that was given in a Spanish university, within the Department of Interfaculty of Contemporary Humanities of the UAM, directed by Professor José de Solas, and in which, among other researchers, Dr. François Louange participated(Then computer manager of the ESA and later participant of the decisive report Comet together with other French scientists and military).


In 1996 he directed "UFO Report", the only interactive CD-ROM Encyclopedia published in Spain (edited by Realidad Alternativa, S.L. and distributed by Divisa Ediciones), with the collaboration of the most important Spanish ufologists.

While retiring from "Year Zero", he left his post as Vice President of the Spanish Society of Parapsychology and the Spanish Society of Anthropology and Cultural Traditions, which he held for more than a decade.


He has been a member of prestigious international associations dedicated to the study of these topics, has presided over eight Spanish congresses on such matters, and his work as a lecturer, with more than 500 speeches in different countries. He is currently focused on the development of two new books and his occupation as a lecturer and habitual host in Cuatro-TV's Fourth Millennium.


Since 1968 he has been writing in commercial publications on the frontiers of knowledge, having been initiated in some esoteric and oriental schools and in an ancient Secret Tradition. A frequent contributor to numerous television and radio programs since 1973. He has created, advised, presented or directed large audience programs on several radio and television networks, both national and autonomous. He has participated in several international works on ufology and parapsychology, and is the author of the books Los poderes ocultos de la mente, Guía mágica de Madrid, ¿Qué se esconde tras los expedientes X?, Claves Ocultas del Símbolo Perdido y Claves Ocultas del Código da Vinci, best seller in Spain and published in six countries. Since 1974, when he founded the now-defunct Gnosis publisher, he has advised different publishers and acted as a press agent for many writers of international relevance.