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The Open Temple of Montserrat "

If we don't know our past we can not face the future.
The wise Builders of the Open Temple of Montserrat had a  thought cosmologically and philosophically ordered, by which the symbol was its mode of transcription. They were Atlanteans of the fourth humanity that preceded us, aided by non-terrestrial Beings, who submitted their powerful technique to the didactic purpose of showing this philosophy: that of carving, in certain sacred mountains of the Earth, a sort of great Temples, Shrines, where to show cosmic truths still unknown to us, timeless arcane truths, initiatory truths in relation to Man of all ages, exposing the mystery of past humanities that inhabited this planet.
This planet has always been visited by Beings of space with a certain union with the Earth and its evolution, especially each change of cycle, as in which we are now. Each change of the so-called: Platonic or Sotic year of approximately 25,500 years duration. In these ephemeris and to commemorate their stay they left the testimony of their visit with these colossal works. Cyclopean works so that they could be observed from the sky, without caring about volumes or spaces.
The Stone is a vehicle of transmission that overcomes the ages. The Stone is origin, principle and foundation.
These Great Beings, called Instructors by many traditions, carved in the powerful rock Temples whose roof was the heavenly vault, the entire cosmos covered them and whose soil was the fertile Mother Nature, next to the Stone, their ally.

Temples all over the planet nestled in the Sacred Mountains, for which you can see and feel today, that in the history of the Earth there is another magical capacity of response, and that we know nothing of its past. Now, we are just lifting the veil of what there was and contained.
In the book the: The Open Temple of Montserrat, Sacred Mountain that complies with the above, we graphically show part of this philosophy, with the figures carved in the huge monoliths, such as the tricephal giant Gerion, King-Patriarch of the Spaniards, the Airion Hispanic of three bodies, which does nothing but allude to Orion with its three stars. Orion is Geryon in his astrological key. In the figure of the Man of Aquarius, on the cover, we only mention the Pythagorean Thinker, the developed Man of all ages, the Archetype. The Sphinxes tell us about the evolution of Man on Earth. The colossal Felino Guardian, from his seat does nothing but corroborate that we are in a Temple, and with his sharp astral gaze he observes the Temple, the whole Sanctuary that he has behind him, of which he is an undaunted watchman. It both monitors the airspace, as well as the terrestrial one next to the best entrance to the internal mysteries of the Sanctuary, to the hypostyle rooms of the mother goddess, our Isis.
Montserrat is truly the most noted Temple of the European continent.

Sábado 7 de Septiembre

14:15 - 15:45




1hora 15min

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