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The Ufology World Congress



Nationality: Argentinian


Carlos Ferguson is dedicated to the Ovni phenomenon based on checking with statistical studies, the behavior of the UFO intelligence.

With more than 4 decades of studies he arrived to conclusions, which show the INTENTIONALITY of the UFO.

Skeptical from the begining, a UFO crossed with him in less than 35 meters, till then his life changed.

He has spread about the theme in countless opportunities to raise awareness, in pilots and landings cases.

He owns the largest statistical study of landing in Argentina, with almost 2000 cases, each one with a coefficient of value, from all of then there are 145 irreducible cases.

His stance is the check without fanatical extremes of an opposition or other.

Recently he has been clarifying many of the wrong ideas to some dogmatic rationalists and deniers of the subject.


· University studies in Library and History / Prof. of Art / Administrative in Logistics Area of the Ministry of Education).


· Investigator of the UFO phenomenon since January 1976 (41 years).


· In May 2011 was the FIRST CIVIL summoned to participate in the Official Commission of the Air Force on UFO, which is an active part.


· Organizer of 10 National and International Ufology Congresses of in Mar del Plata city (Argentina) (1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007).


· Central Coordinator of the RED ARGENTINA DE OVNILOGIA (Rao) Network since 1991.


· Director of the Investigating Commission of UFO Marplatense (Ciom).


· Founder of the Center of Studies of Phenomena Ufo (Buenos Aires, 1985).


· Author of 4 books ("ENCOUNTERS BETWEEN PILOTS AND UFOs" and 3 not yet published). Among the latter is the largest study of landings in Argentina to date, with 2000 cases (period 1947 - 2017).


· He was distinguished by the majority vote of his Argentine ufologist colleagues in Congresses where he received mentions for his presentations (cities of Rosario 1985, Posadas 1986, San Lorenzo 1991, Mar del Plata 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997.


· He offered more than 230 lectures and conferences in educational institutes, prisons, convention centers, schools, etc.


· He has been interviewed in more than 700 radio, graphic and television notes, making a big diffusion task on the subject, obtaining a nomination to the Argentinean gold lighthouse for his conduction and radio program "ENIGMAS DEL COSMOS".


· He was the Secretary of the Editorial of the magazine "F.OVNI in Argentina and the World".


· He carries 120.000 thousand kilometers of research.


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